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Cookies are temporary text files in which information about your navigation is recorded; they are stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone by your browser (like browser history for example) when you visit a site. This small file allows the server hosting the site to identify and recognise you for the life of the cookie. We also use cookies to understand how you use our site so that we can continually improve.
We use 2 types of cookies:
  • Functional cookies: essential to the operation of the site, they allow access to protected areas thanks to personal identifiers (login and session password).
  • Statistics cookies (web analytics): these cookies collect your connection information so that we can find out the number of visits to our site, the average visit time, the most visited pages, from which browser, etc. Google Analytics, generates a cookie with a unique identifier that collects your IP address in order to know the city from which you are connecting but without ever knowing which computer or which physical person you really are.
There are several ways to manage cookies.

Internet browser settings

You can choose to disable these cookies at any time. Your browser can also be set to notify you when cookies are placed on your computer and to ask you to accept them or not. You can accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis or systematically refuse them once and for all.

We remind you that the setting is likely to modify your conditions of access to our services requiring the use of cookies. In order to manage cookies in a way that best suits your needs, we invite you to set your browser’s parameters taking into account the purpose of the cookies.

Managing or preventing the storage of cookies

The configuration is different for each browser. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will tell you how to change your cookie wishes.

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Form data

The information collected on the forms on this site is recorded in a file used by YB Startup, on the Typeform platform, for the management of its customer and prospective customer files, and more particularly to enable your request to be processed. They are kept for the time necessary to process your request and for a period of 3 years from the date of collection.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Regulation applicable from 25 May 2018, you may access your personal data or request its deletion. You also have the right to object, the right to rectify, the right to limit the processing of your data and the right to port your data, under certain conditions (see for more information on your rights). In accordance with Article 40-1 of the French Data Protection Act, you can define directives relating to the conservation, deletion and communication of your personal data after your death. You can exercise these rights by contacting the website responsible at
We endeavour to take all the necessary care when processing your personal data. If you have any difficulty in exercising your rights or if you have any questions about the processing of your data, we invite you to contact us directly. If you feel that your rights have not been respected, you may lodge a complaint with the CNIL.